Love is in the air…not
This is actually how i feel eating waffles and ice cream

Meaning to do a click and drag for a while, so it finally happened!

regular version

Remember those storyboards and silly characters? well, this is the result.

Final audiovisual project of 7th semestre students of Graphic Design from Universidad Del Norte. First half of 2013. 

Waiting Room is the story of Lucas, a small town boy who meets the peppy Jules at the hospital where his mom works. Together they solve mysteries and fight monsters at the hospital, with the help of their nurse friend, Kayla and The Janitor. 

Original Story by: Maria Camila Gomez
Animated by: Flor Chaparro, María Camila Gómez, Andrés Gutiérrez, Daniela Barrios, Daniella Velez y Stephanie Guzman.

Character design and final design

tbh i was bored

tbh i was bored

Animation exercise 

Animation exercise 

Scrambled Eggs Challenge 
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